Rope Hero: Vice Town 1.3.3

Now you can scale tall buildings like a super hero and save the day with your smartphone 

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    9.0 (48)

This is a game that provides mobile actions involving the Rope Hero with superpowers. The scenario here is that the Rope Hero has powers when wearing a costume, but these powers will cause him to lose some of his memories. You'll get a rope that you can use to explore a city when you play this game. You'll want to carry out missions, and if you succeed at them you'll get some of the secrets that have become lost back.

The game was clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto. However, while playing one can also see some obvious similarities with the various Spider-Man games available. There are quite a few different vehicle options that can allow players to ride around while they play.

There is a basic storyline here that is told throughout the series of missions that are gone through. However, in some ways the storyline is not very detailed and there is not a complete narration. The game is centralized more around the action itself than any narrative.

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a free-roaming game. It provides gamers with a lot of freedom to explore the game world. The game was produced by Naxeex LLC. It is on version 1.3.3, and it is available in English. It is free to play.


  • There are numerous both central questions and along with them side missions to mix things up and keep things interested.
  • The vehicle controls are super easy to master.
  • The gameplay involves the fun rope-throwing scenario that users really enjoy.
  • Radio is available while the player enjoy the game. Radio play includes two different stations in the game.


  • It's true that the graphics are not super complex or advanced. They tend to look outdated and a little overly simple.
  • Some of the output by the physics engine feature is not that serious or realistic seeming.
  • The dialogue unfortunately doesn't really show a great deal of coherence.
  • Regular gamers are definitely going to notice that many elements here are highly derivative.

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